About SMSA

SMSA has brought together advocates within the city

to become a vehicle for bringing the Oregon Main Street program to Salem and provides the opportunity for interested persons to collaborate and participate in that program.



SMSA coordinates and implements the general marketing and promotion of downtown Salem.


    • Create events and marketing strategies to draw residents and visitors to downtown
    • Enhance downtown’s visual appeal and connections to the Riverfront while creating an inviting pedestrian environment
    • Strengthen downtown as the regional shopping, dining, and entertainment center
    • Develop a strong, sustainably-funded organization


In March 2016, a small group of Salem citizens began meeting to discuss downtown Salem’s future. In the course of those conversations, the Main Street Program was chosen as the collaborative model for enhancing the vitality of our downtown. The program provides assistance, training, and technical services to communities who want to preserve, strengthen, and revitalize their downtown.

SMSA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates through a volunteer community board. In addition to the board, there are four standing committees made up of board members and interested residents. The committees are: Promotions, Economic Vitality, Design, and Organization.

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Budget Info

SMSA manages and administers funds from governments, businesses, or individuals related to the long-term business and economic vitality of downtown Salem.

The budget is developed by the budget committee and is then proposed to the board of directors with input from the different committees to decide on what’s going to happen.

SMSA aims to spend limited resources wisely and accomplish as much as possible for downtown. As donations and other funding sources increase, more is possible.