Promotions Committee

The Goal

The Promotion committee’s goal is to create enticing events and marketing strategies to draw residents and visitors to experience vibrant downtown Salem. 


Improve the perception of downtown Salem as a vibrant experience and reinforce the benefits of doing business locally to encourage locals to spend time and money downtown.



    • Brainstorm and implement themes for First Wednesdays
    • Coordinate the return of the ice rink this winter
    • Organize and implement the “Go Nuts” campaign

Committee Members

Jesse Hayes, Co-Chair

Jim Vu, Co-Chair

Alyssa Delgado

Kat Baird

Kara Campazano

Soraida Cross

Kristi Reed

Robyn Wilson

Robert Chavier

Travis Noble

Jared Richard

Al Tandy

Landoyne Sloan

Susan Gallagher

Andrew Hussey

Christyna Belden

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