Salem Alley Days

What is Salem Alley Days?

On June 10th, 2019 The City of Salem proclaimed the summer of 2019 a celebration of Salem Alley Days. Coinciding with events such as First Wednesdays and On Your Feet Fridays from June 14th-September 4th, the Salem Main Street Association shared historic alley information and asked for public input and a public vote to name our downtown alleys. In total, 567 citizens voted to name the alleys via the website and paper ballot.


Why did we ask the public to name our historic alleys?

Naming a place gives power and identity. Naming recognizes otherwise hidden or forgotten places and brings energy to those places.

Naming is:

  • A recognized tool in activating underutilized spaces in downtown.
  • An opportunity to honor local history, culture and geographic features
  • A way to talk about and find the businesses located on the alleys and encourages more businesses to locate along them.

The Winning Names



What’s Next?

  • June 10

    Salem Alley Days​ Proclamation

  • June 14 – July 12

    Public Input Survey. We are asking the public to provide alley name suggestions that meet the historical criteria.

  • July 13 – August 1

    Tally of Public Input Survey

  • August 7 – September 4

    Public Voting (see blue button below). We are asking the public to vote on the historical vetted alley names.

  • Mid-September

    Final results of the community vote will be tallied.

  • October

    SMSA Board Meeting to select final names from the voting tallies based on survey and naming criteria.

  • November – December

    Work with the City of Salem to develop signage and wayfinding for selected names.

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